About Christina Breault

Christina Chalréo Breault has over twenty-five years experience in the software industry and she’s specialized in digital document layout and graphic user interface (GUI) design. She’s a college graduated Web Designer and a specialist in information architecture with expertise knowledge in usability rules compliance. In addition, Christina is bilingual in English and Portuguese (Brazil), fluently speaking, reading and writing in both languages. Christina Chalréo Breault was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on February 12, 1962 at 2:35 pm. She moved to the United States in January of 1986, at age of 23, where she’s been residing since. She’s now a divorced mother of two young adult daughters and grandmother of a beautiful girl born in March of 2013.


Services That I Offer



Christina Breault translates a variety of documents and media from English to Portuguese (Brazil) and from Portuguese to English.

Web Development

I offer web development services including but not limited to web design and/or setup of websites, blogs, social pages, shopping carts, email campaigns and much more.

Document Production

Chritina Chalréo Breault produces documents for printing or web publication including but not limited to specialty word processing and HTML coding.

Bilingual Assistant

Forget about hiring a full time assistant and all the implications involving that. Christina Chalréo Breault is available as your Virtual Bilingual Executive Assistant!

What My Clients Say About My Work

As I am a visionary artist, I am very particular about how my work is presented and Christina has the ability to take my idea and make it a reality in HTML, so that it always shows beautifully in any e-mail program. I trust her implicitly and I find her new newsletter to be of great value in understanding the social media market, as that is not my strong suit.” ~ Deborah Brooks

Deborah Brooks

Christina Chalréo Breault has done a superb job in translating many of my writings and creating my websites. She’s a talented Web designer and an outstanding translator of the Brazilian language, even with all my cultural slang she still manages to find the exact translation to express my original ideas. I highly recommend her and her exceptional work.” ~ Domingos Yezzi

Domingos Yezzi

I give all praise to Christina and express my satisfaction with her when she created my website and my Facebook page: Star of Bethlehem, and she has done an excellent job as a translator and presenter of my book, with this same title. I highly recommend Christina’s work and announce her as an efficient professional, competent and creative.” ~ Helenice Rodrigues

Helenice Rodrigues

Christina is a dream come true for me and for my business.  She designed such beautiful, well laid out ads for me, and continues to do so.  Communicating with her is exercise in grace and ease. She always answers my questions quickly and in lay terms that I can understand. I recommend her highly, she is the only person I will work with from now on.” ~ Deborah Brooks

Deborah Brooks